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Personal Basic-Min
R15 per month
10 Email Accounts
10MB Storage
Traffic 1GB (US)
⊕ Perfect for starters
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Small Business-Min
R50 per month
20 Email Accounts
50MB Storage
24/7 Technical Support
⊕ Business startups
⊕ Easy management
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R100 per month
20 Email Accounts
500MB Disk space
24/7 Technical Support
10 Databases
⊕ Suitable for Small Companies
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Adv. Business Hosting
R250 per month
Unlimited Email Accounts
10GB Space
24/7 Technical Support
40 Databases
⊕ Suitable for medium Companies
⊕ Backups (kept for 2 weeks)
⊕ Anti-virus Scanning
⊕ Hkweb SiteBuilder
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  • How do i sign-up for a hosting Plan
    has a very simple way of signing up for a hosting plan. Below are the simple guidelines and steps to get you started and have your hosting up and running...
  • Once you choose your Hosting plan and clicked signup now, you willl be redirected to a page that looks like the side image
  • Click on order - its on the right menus
  • Select the Webhosting plan of your choice or  Choose another category to choose our other products / hosting plans
  • Here, you will be presented Hosting plans depending on the Category you chose:
    • Select Order now and fill in the required information
    • Once you are done, we will confirm that we have received the application and we will forward you an email.
    • Then you will have to make the payments depending on the Payment method that you chose.
    • At this stage, you will be able to access your Control Panel and start setting up all you need to get started.


konsoleH control
  • What is konsoleH?
    has an easy management of your account through the award winning  konsoleH Control Panel. You can check your disk and traffic usage, look at detailed statistics about visitors to your website and access your email from anywhere at anytime. Some of the features of konsoleH are:

    Domain Details
    View your web hosting account’s vital statistics with an option to send these details to an email address of your choice.
    Manage Services
  • Manage and access details for FTP
  • Administer MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • Upload and manage files
  • Install your favourite CMS system using our server applications. (Joomla!, Drupal CMS, osCommerce Shopping Cart, ZenCart Shopping Cart, phpBB Forum, Simple Machine Forum, WordPress Blog, Coppermine Photo Gallery, MediaWiki)
  • Set-up and manage cronjobs
  • Create a counter/date/time display script
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Mail creation management

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Why Hkweb?

At hkweb we have a range of contract free Webhosting services to help you or your business get up and running on the internet in no time. Each plan has different features depending on the complexity of your website. All our customer sites are monitored 24/7, not only are you hosting your website on state of the art hardware, you're also hosting with the most affordable and reliable hosts.

Webhosting Plans

  • Personal basic

Affordable, Light and Clean personal Web hosting Plan start at R15/mo

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  • Business Standard

Ideal for standard small and medium business. Web hosting Plans start at just R100/mo

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  • Small Business

Affordable, Light and Clean personal Web hosting Plan start at R50/mo

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  • Advanced Business Hosting

This is ideal for serious Business that wants to keep ahead from others. Plan starts at R250/mo

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Web designing


Client Testimonial

From day one I have never regretted choosing such a great service - 5 star quality with everything.

- John Smith, JS & Co LLC.

Our Pledge to you

  • We DO NOT use middlemen and we will not outsource your work.
  • A professional-looking, search engine optimized website, at a fraction of the cost that other firms charge.
  • We won't just build your website. We will build your business.
  • We will build your website with SEO in mind. Our SEO web design team will impress you.
  • Even though SEO is important, looks and functionality are important too.
  • Our SEO Team is separate from our Web Design team. We will SEO and Design Separately.