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Drive More traffic to your website by achieving First Page Rankings in search engines for valuable keywords

Did you launch a website, but don’t know how to get visitors? When searching for the products or services you offer, does your web listing come up on the first page? Does your content explain your services and products well? How will people find out about you?

When we create websites, we feel that it’s not just important to make things work and look good. We feel it’s also important to structure it so that search engines can find them more easily. By using search engine optimization techniques, your products or services will be found more easily by people searching for the products or services you provide. Optimizing for search engines is becoming more important every day. More traffic equals more customers. Look here to see recent SEO case studies by HkWeb.

Make it easy for your customers to find your services or products online.
Leverage search engines and individual websites to help others find your products or services.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most challenging and rewarding online marketing pursuits imaginable. It’s completely different than all other marketing efforts, one simply can’t buy their way to the top, well many brands are using Paid Search strategies to try and do just that. Organic SEO takes innovative strategies, consistent execution, and a deep understanding of the metrics and algorithms of search engines.

Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase
Here is a list of some of SEO components HKWeb performs for clients:
  • Keyword research finds & uncovers valuable commercial intent search terms.
  • Website architecture and content are optimized to increase rankings.
  • Internal and external link building are performed to help build domain trust.
  • Google analytics and other tools are used to measure (ROI) results achieved.

Ready For The Next Step?

HKWeb’s SEO Process


The first step is the Discovery Phase, which entails communicating with us your vision, mission, business model, niche, clients you would like to target and your goals.

Strategy Phase: Our team will then compile all this information, segment it into appropriate topic categories that we will use to develop a strategy-phase strategy and build a sitemap on your website.

We’ll then conduct competitor and keyword research to optimize pages as well as provide ideas for content that would help address current trends in your market as well as information that would address questions your clients have and other guides.

On-site Optimization Phase: We would then develop each page that we have optimized as a landing page that would be able to capture some sort of information, such as a request for more information or a white paper, or even to visit more pages on the website. More page-views improves the time spent on your site and Google sees that as relevant, so then your website is viewed as a search result that is relevant to that key phrase that the user is typing in, and will ultimately allow your pages to move up in the rankings.

Content Marketing Phase: We track progress and continue improving your content, search engine visibility, and conversions. We use google analytics to track submissions and funnels on the website. We use social networks to share your content.

We look for more optimization opportunities based on the data acquired from google analytics in our Analysis and Reporting phase, and/or A/B split tests which would allow us to see what design layout on each landing page converts more visitors.

Do you have updated, relevant content? Using current events and terms in your company’s communications can help search engines bring your website up in the first pages of search. Our up-to-date knowledge of current events within technology, business and media is what allows us to help you increase your online visibility and help you rise above your competition

As search engine technology evolves and more businesses compete, it’s important to set your business above the rest. How does your business compare to the competition? Are you listed in local business directories? Can people find you when they search for the services you offer along with the city you’re located in?

Website Analysis

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